Keep your fab-fit regime fabulous

Anyone who’s got or had the ‘running bug’ or gym bug or any other exercise related bug/addiction will know that when you get it, it’s nearly all you want to do. For example, when I started running, not so many moons ago (though more than I think), I ran every single day. Every day, seeing if I could run further/faster than the day before. But I soon learned that the body doesn’t work like that. There are loads of things wrong with my approach, and it’s an approach that I see loads of people constantly going for when they decide to take the plunge into fitness.

What’s so bad about running? Isn’t it meant to be good for you? 

Firstly, you’re much more likely to get injured, as your poor little muscles and bones simply don’t know what’s hit them, especially if you’ve gone from a more sedentary life style to 10 miles a week! You’ll also slowly burn through your motivation. The same 3 mile route every day for 5 days isn’t that inspiring after a while. Further to injury likelihood from over use, mixing up your weekly work out schedule will also most likely help you gain strength and flexibility, both of which are key if you’re serious about going to distance.

So, keep it fabulous. 

Mix it up. My goal is to try at least one new thing every month, which so far has included Paddle Board Pilates in Barcelona, Seafront Boxing and HotPodYoga. I know these things all seem mad and ridiculous, but I don’t regret a single one. Even if you come out and think it wasn’t necessarily your thing, I guarantee you won’t regret going along and trying it. For example, I’d barely done a yoga class until tonight, and I trotted off to hot yoga and loved it! You’ll never be made to feel like you shouldn’t be there. Your weekly routine should be varied as well. As I’m pretty injury prone, I tend not to run more than three times a week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still exercising on those off-days. Yoga, gym classes (HIIT or spinning or whatever takes your fancy is all good stuff!) or even just cycling to work or uni counts and means you don’t have to feel guilty about your day off. On the contrary, you should be rewarding yourself, because although when you catch the running bug it’s normal to want to run every day, I swear it will be better for you in the long run to do something different once in a while.


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