50/50 Fitness?

When I started this blog and insta-platform earlier this year, the main response I got from my friends was “Is that a joke?” This wasn’t really that offensive at the time – I did tend to keep my fit-bubble safely hidden behind my party girl exterior, so I understood why people would be confused by what looked like a personality transplant. I explained to people that this was never a massive change in personality, it was simply a realisation that the decision to be a fit freak doesn’t necessarily entail the loss of a social life or big boozy weekends.

My brother, amongst others, continue to mock me on this. “That’s not very fabufit” they’ll snigger as I go to light a cigarette, get a subway for lunch or crack open a beer on a Monday. But they haven’t understood my whole ethos, and so I figured it’s time I make that nice and clear again. Put your seat belts on kids.

I understand that there are healthy ways to live and unhealthy ways to live. We are bombarded with information about them throughout our lives, but I think the ideals are forced upon us so much that we aren’t realising that you can do both. The reason I started this blog was because I felt there were far too many people who have been made to feel that fitness just “isn’t for them”, almost like the shaping light under which they perceive themselves is the barrier stopping them from seeking a heathy and happier life.

I argue that this is quite simply not the case. We are each entitled to seeking a healthier lifestyle, regardless of the decisions we have made in the past and continue to make. Of course, there are ways to be healthier and the healthiest perhaps, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t bring wellness into our lives regardless of the lifestyle we normally lead. So what you’re a smoker of 20 years, or you haven’t put on a pair of trainers since you were 14? Obviously outright quitting all the bad things is a good way improve your health, but it doesn’t mean that whilst you still indulge in a dominoes every other Friday you can’t be a fit little thing.

So, the solution? Getting fit doesn’t have to be as monumentally life changing as we make out. Getting fit involves making as few as one small decision every day – the decision to go for a run, to get a gym membership, to go to yoga. It may well impact other elements of your lifestyle (perhaps you will hold off post-work beers until the weekend or cut down on the ciggies), and these are certainly good things too, but they’re not strictly necessary. It certainly doesn’t have to be ‘one-or-the-other’.


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