Maintain your #fitspo even when life has you bonkers busy

Stressed? Too much to do? Sub out the therapeutic glass of vino for a breezy endorphin inducing run.


Running on yogi-fuel

Those who follow my Insta will know that I have become pretty obsessed with yoga recently, which is weird since it's an activity I have always quite actively dismissed. I always thought I didn't need yoga - that the mindful, head-clearing time I needed I got whilst I was out running, and this - in fairness... Continue Reading →

50/50 Fitness?

When I started this blog and insta-platform earlier this year, the main response I got from my friends was "Is that a joke?" This wasn't really that offensive at the time - I did tend to keep my fit-bubble safely hidden behind my party girl exterior, so I understood why people would be confused by... Continue Reading →

Wellness blogging… Good or bad?

For as long as I can remember I've been 'body-conscious'. I can honestly remember being 12 and being aware of what a 'thigh gap' was, and knowing that I certainly did not have one. And this was waaaaaaaay before Instagram or barely even before Facebook hit me. The version of 'fitspo' back then was a... Continue Reading →

What mindfulness means to me

It's been a while now since I started this blog. Whilst I by no means have the followers to show for it, I have certainly gained so much already. The list of topics I wanted to write about when I started this, when I first had this idea, are completely different now. I'm realising so much about... Continue Reading →

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