Keep your fab-fit regime fabulous

Anyone who's got or had the 'running bug' or gym bug or any other exercise related bug/addiction will know that when you get it, it's nearly all you want to do. For example, when I started running, not so many moons ago (though more than I think), I ran every single day. Every day, seeing... Continue Reading →

Beat the post-race blues..

Finishing a race, finally achieving a goal you (perhaps ambitiously) set yourself months back, an unexpected PB... I imagine it's up there with one of the best feelings, and it tends to stick with you for a couple of days. But very quickly, if you're not too unlike me (I know I'm not the only one)... Continue Reading →

Pre-race training tips

Whether you're running a marathon or your first 5k, you'll probably feel pretty anxious about it, whether it's about finishing or PBing or a niggly muscle that you're not sure about. Racing is a great thing to do, the feeling of accomplishment after you finish a race and the sense of community you'll most likely feel simply fab... Continue Reading →

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